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Demand planning: shared and safe data

Demand planning:
shared and safe data

Through an intelligent planning system, we increase the production process efficiency of an Italian leader in the clothing industry.

Approach & Solution



Optimize the management of planning and production processes, to make it more integrated and efficient. In recent years, a leading Italian group in the clothing sector has experienced rapid growth, which has led to the opening of thousands of sales points and numerous production plants all over the world.

To manage its internationalization in an innovative way, the company asked Engineering support to foster a "collaborative" dialogue between the various offices and facilitate the sharing of data and information.


After an initial phase of analysis and evaluation of context, we designed and implemented a multidimensional data analysis solution to support the processes of Merchandise Planning and the Sales & Operations Planning.

We created a solution that allows to:
  • Define the estimated need of garments in the Fashion line for all Group brands and the need of ongoing products
  • Integrate the development processes of collections, calculation of production and material needs
  • Leverage a decision-making support solution
  • Increase collaboration and information sharing throughout all the offices
  • Check consumption and forecasts in order management.
We also took data security and information structuring as key design elements.


Monthly planning frequency of ongoing products

Separate management of retail chains

Integrated development processes and calculation of production needs

Solid forecasting process

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Process performance

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