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Thanks to new Supply Chain Management solutions, Candy optimizes its processes and supports the integration with Haier Group's IT systems.

Approach & Solution



Candy is an international brand that offers a comprehensive range of practical, high performance, freestanding and built-in appliances; skillfully combining the most advanced technologies with stylish Italian design.
The company has been recently acquired by Haier Group, that decided to adopt and integrate the new SCM Information System.
In particular, the main objectives were the following:
  • Identify optimal distribution plan from sources to markets.
  • Move forward the moment in which the shipment order is allocated to the logistic network to postpone containerization.
  • Create a sales forecast on the logistics network nodes, starting from historical data and using mathematical algorithms.
  • Propose forecast related to new products, based on logical similarities to existing items.
  • Build a weekly-based forecast, according to historical curves or heuristic rules.
  • Manage the user support in interaction with proposed data in forcing activities.
  • Support the historical data characterization, identifying and managing (manually or automatically) the appropriate outliers.
  • Manage the collaboration process among functions / users, in order to get the consensus forecast, through a highly configurable collaborative workflow.


Candy chose the sedApta's "Sales & Operation Planning" suite, including these modules: Demand Management, Master planning, Distribution Deployment and Inventory management.
The aim was to improve:
  • S&OP process management to check high level demand feasibility (medium-long term).
  • Sales forecasts generation on the logistic network nodes using mathematical algorithms and orchestrated collaborative workflow.
  • Target stock generation according to the defined service level goals.


Management of multilevel data and hierarchical events (article, channel, time)

Process orchestration based on geographic consolidation and validations

Customer service level improvement and multi-user interactivity

Positive net working capital through stock optimization

More efficient supply Chain Planning and Execution (FTE/sales) and reduced freight-in cost

Project value

Process Performance


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