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Our composable approach to support the SAP S/4HANA technology evolution roadmap.

Approach & Solution

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A leading oil company needed to define a medium-term roadmap for the technological evolution and transformation of its SAP ECC platform towards the SAP S/4HANA world. The objective was to adapt it to the best technological fit and proceed with a progressive roll-out of the application stack in the various countries of Europe, starting from the Central European cluster.

Specifically, for the German market, the objectives of the transformation path needed to combine both a redesign of the “core” business processes, using market standards and best practices, and the selection of differentiating process elements considered to have particular added value by the customer.

A further need in terms of technological evolution was to improve the user experience and the ability to integrate the business into the network, enhancing the digital ecosystem of the SAP platform.

The decision to involve Engineering was based on our in-depth knowledge of the client's business context and the Oil & Renewables sector, our technological expertise in SAP, and our ability to support the client in their process of digital transformation.


Engineering played a specialist consulting role in conducting a study that began with an assessment of existing processes and continued with SAP’s identification of possible standard coverage with SAP Model Company and SAP Best Practices. We applied the results obtained to the client's processes, assessing the degree of adoptability of the standard rather than the adaptation of the custom and keeping the migration plan to SAP S/4HANA as the final objective.

On the basis of a deep and long-standing partnership with SAP, and substantial experience on the SAP Integrated Delivery framework, it was possible to adopt the migration strategy to SAP S/4HANA through Model Company in the Oil sector, using a “composable” approach able to guarantee the client more advantageous technological solutions.

By combining their respective skills, our teams and SAP designed a Mix & Match solution, which strikes the right balance between the ability to leverage “back to standard” for core business processes, taking advantage of innovations, and the ability to re-engineer existing customisations on SAP’s Business Technology Platform, migrating more complex ones from SAP ECC systems to the new system.

The temporal and strategic roadmap met with the client's full satisfaction, as it detailed the tools and solutions to be used through the Digital2Evolve transformation strategy we applied for Enterprise solutions. This made it possible to harmonise, in a new system context, the best practices derived from standard processes with the specific, value-added processes envisaged by the client. In addition to the roadmap, specific KPIs were defined to measure the return on investment of the project over time.

Finally, thanks to the support of Engineering ITS Germany, a more effective contextualisation on the German market was guaranteed, facilitating the relationship with the territory.


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