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DOME: A distributed open marketplace for Cloud & Edge services in Europe

A privileged meeting point for customers and cloud service providers, the DOME research project provides a secure and reliable marketplace.

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Cloud computing is identified as a central piece of Europe’s digital future, giving European businesses and public organisations the data processing technology required to support their digital transformation.

With the aim of fostering the adoption of cloud and edge services in Europe, DOME aims to create a dynamic ecosystem bringing together all key players, including infrastructure, data and platform providers, service integrators, certification agencies and customers from all sectors.

The objective is to boost the European cloud industry by simplifying current practices and offering customers a greater level of access and control.


DOME provides a single access point for all interested parties, through which it provides an online catologue of cloud-to-edge services based on common open standards in compliance with EU standards and requirements. Each federated marketplace can be independent or linked to a specific cloud provider (IaaS or cloud platform provider).

Engineering coordinates the project and contributes with a solution based on FIWARE (FIWARE BAE), also managing distributed identity, verifiable credentials, and the replication of offers on distributed ledgers, with the aim of providing a solid technological background for the creation of supplier ecosystems of services in the EU.

The project has received funding from Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL), Call Cloud Data and TEF (DIGITAL-2021-CLOUD-AI-01), under project ID 101084071.
Read the Press Release: "Launch of DOME Marketplace for Cloud Services in Europe".


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