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Energy App:
a cloud-based CRM
for extra commodities

We have created a native Salesforce CRM solution to support the sale of value-added services.

Approach & Solution

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Digital transformation is enabling key players in the energy sector not only to find innovative ways of managing energy production, distribution and consumption, but also to expand their traditional offering by developing new business lines to provide a diverse range of services and products.

Against this background, one leading operator in the energy market has called on Engineering to help it manage its sales of extra commodity services with efficient innovation.
Our team has created an IT solution for carrying out end-to-end process that gives maximum long-term return on the company’s legacy IT system investments. At the same time, the solution provides a roadmap for the transition to Cloud services for managing business processes that support sales in the power and gas commodity sector.


Using our skills we created Energy App, a fully native Salesforce application for the sale of electricity and gas-related value-added services in SaaS cloud mode. It includes over 30 preconfigured business processes, which are integrated with the client’s legacy systems.

The Energy App maximises the potential of the CRM features of Salesforce by integrating systems for metering, CPQ, billing, accounting, credit checking, and printing.
It also supports business processes in the field of marketing, sales, post-sales, and customer care in a flexible and scalable way, covering the main sales support areas as follows:

  • Commercial: product exchange, complaint handling
  • Procurement: activation, change of ownership
  • Termination: switch-out, shut-down
  • Technical/operational: customer readings, installation estimates

The excellent results, in terms of business process management (BPM) skills and replicability, has enabled the implementation of the app by the major players in the gas and electricity sector.


Support for investment

Integration with key legacy IT systems and external services

Wide coverage of both preconfigured and configurable business processes

No need for technological lock-in

Project value

Process performance

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