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Energy Efficiency for Automotive

We monitor the energy consumption to discover any leaks in real time and implement continuous cost improvement.

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Energy represents one of the key factors of the new millennium and the careful management of energy flows is therefore a priority to make companies more competitive on the market.

Our approach allows to manage, in a single system, both the technical data for those responsible for the different production processes, and the performance and economic loss data necessary for finance for an effective management control.

Our client, one of the major players in the Automotive market, with production plants distributed all over the world, has taken the opportunity to make energy flows more efficient and reduce management costs, through the adoption of our sav.e platform for Energy Management.


Thanks to our solution, sav.e, our client's production processes are mapped on the system and associated to physical devices that provide status, consumption and production information.
The temporal analysis of recurrent patterns of energy use allows the system to set increasingly stringent targets for the precise control of production processes or sub-processes.
The energy supervision system identifies in real time the waste of particularly energy-intensive and complex processes.
Once the potential energy losses have been identified, they are accounted for and reported to the attention of the various figures in the plant who will be responsible for them.


Identification of possible energy efficiency areas

Greater commitment to energy saving by plant operators

Direct control of the energy budget

Support for 50001 Certification

Solution compliant with World Class Manufacturing standards

Project value

Cost cutting
Process performance

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