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A platform that integrates data from different sources to renew the Customer Journey through a new generation of business analysis.

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Improving business competitiveness thanks to better customer knowledge is the aim of many companies operating in the fragmented European ecosystem that encompasses the e-commerce, retail and marketing sectors.

The challenge of EW-Shopp Horizon 2020 Project is to be able to carry out advanced analyses on a large amount of data produced by very different actors such as electronic markets, resellers, comparison engines, technology suppliers, online advertising agencies, marketing and market research agencies and data vendors.


EW-Shopp’s platform integrates data from different sources, such as consumer and market data, includong information on weather and events, which are considered to be two key factors in terms of affecting consumer choices.

Engineering designed an information integration methodology in order to evaluate the results based on different data flows. The Group also provides knowledge and tools for data visualisation and navigation, human-machine interfaces and interaction protocols, corporate data analysis and intelligent system engineering. These tools will be integrated with other key components and services provided by other partners to create the definitive EW-Shopp platform.

In piloting activities, our Knowage solution was used at the user interaction stage as an Analytics Platform, open and flexible enough to adapt to various scenarios and able to provide advanced data visualization, smart intelligence and performance evaluation.

The project has received co-funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme - Contract No.732590


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