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We supported an American aerospace player in the production of a rocket to transport cargo into Earth's orbit.

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We support aerospace companies in the production of advanced instruments and technologies. We did it for an American space and technology player that designs, develops, builds and deploys ground-based and space-based instruments and systems for space weather monitoring as well as other specialized applications.
The customer is involved in multiple NASA missions and produces one of the most efficient single-use rockets for the delivery of payloads into Earth’s orbit.

The company we collaborated with faced various challenges related to a bad management of data connecting engineering and manufacturing operations. Their major pain points included manufacturing works not being performed, a disorganized management of information on deadlines and changes in schedule.


We supported the aerospace company to automate and standardize their processes concerning the management of manufacturing data, to improve the connection between engineering and manufacturing operations. In this way, they can make better decisions about the rockets' manufacturing, improving process efficiency.

In detail, we deployed the Siemens Teamcenter Manufacturing platform to manage engineering and manufacturing data in a unified and integrated system, for the reconciliation between the engineering Bill Of Materials (eBOM) and the manufacturing Bill Of Materials (mBOM). Moreover, we trained users, we supported complex business and design requirements, and we enhanced the integration between the current company's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and their future Manufacturing Execution System (MES).


More communication across different departments

More data consistency between engineering and manufacturing

Efficient control of data

New change management processes

Project value

Cost cutting
Process performance

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