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Developing a platform capable of offering not only ICT solutions and technological expertise for Industry 4.0, but also methodological support for the adoption and diffusion of technologies to enable Digital Transformation in the Italian manufacturing sector. This is the goal of the FINDUSTRY4.0 project, which studies digital innovation in the industrial sector, focusing on technologies that have become fundamental, such as Internet of Things, Cloud and Big Data, in close relationship with the open source solutions of the FIWARE world.

The project also includes a Virtual Knowledge and Innovation Hub, the virtual lab and the collaboration space where to disseminate, evolve, experiment and validate the solutions and technologies developed.
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Engineering is coordinating the project and, using the experience acquired in the FIWARE and FIWARE for Industry realms, directing the definition and implementation of the FINDUSTRY4.0 platform.
In particular, we handle the analysis of the requirements, the definition of a reference architecture and the Reference Implementation (RI).
Our team also deals with the development of:
  • services and applications focused on Industrial Analytics which can be used through innovative human-machine interfaces (HMI)
  • definition and development of tools, paradigms and methodologies aimed at encouraging the creation of FINDUSTRY4.0-driven regional innovation ecosystems.

Thanks to the close collaboration with COMAU, another important technological partner of the initiative, the new products/services created as part of the project are validated at the Melfi (PZ) FCA facility.

The project is financed with PON “Enterprise and competitiveness” funds 2014-2020 FESR


Facilitating the adoption of methodologies and technologies

Promoting Digital Transformation of medium-small businesses

Removing access barriers to new technologies

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