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With our platform we enable data reporting, business intelligence and big data management, improving the monitoring and optimizing the enhancement.

Approach & Solution



e-distribuzione is the main italian energy distributor, with a strong presence also abroad. It manages more than 1,1 million kilometers of electricity network, with 31 and a half million customers.

Since a couple of years, the meters began to be replaced with evolved meters of “2nd generation”. Such evolution is having significant impacts, as the information collected by the new meters is much more: instead of one measure per month, the new meters collect information with daily readings, every 15 minutes).

Hence, e-distribuzione needed to evolve its application map, and improve its capabilities of managing Big Data.


Hence, we developed a specific application called “Zettabeat”: it represents e-distribuzione’s analytical platform enabling data reporting, business intelligence and big data management. Moreover, it allows users to access dashboards displaying reports and KPIs related to a wide set of business processes (e.g. energy measures, sorting, etc.).

We realized the solution based on a data lake that is able to satisfy all the reporting needs, for which the MDM system (the Meter Data Management) is among the main data sources (it is also based on Hadoop technology).

The Zettabeat platform is based on a Cloudera Hadoop cluster on AWS cloud infrastructure, which guarantees the use of TIBCO Spotfire reports on DWH Redshift powered by Spark jobs. This allows to collect and integrate data from different sources on different technologies (S3, Postgres, Redshift itself).


Improved monitoring of a large sets of information

Centralized management of heterogeneus datasets

Enabling extraction of value from data

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