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HeReMo: Health Remote Monitoring

Our research project enables remote monitoring with personalized coaching for chronic diseases.

Approach & Solution

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A telemedicine service which supports Healthcare Professionals and staff to remotely monitor patients staying at home with chronic clinical conditions and therefore ensure a continuity of care.

HeReMo enables monitoring patients staying at home with chronic clinical conditions. The service aims to prevent these already fragile patients from getting affected by COVID-19, which would consequently lead to an overload of the healthcare system. HeReMo also correlates COVID-19 symptoms and environmental conditions supporting (epidemiological) spread-risk analysis. Furthermore, the possibility to exploit satellite data allows those who decide to be localised, to be informed about the air quality in the area where they live as to reduce their risk of exposure to air pollutants.

HeReMo is part of a longstanding research and innovation activity undertaken by Engineering for the management of chronic diseases.
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HeReMo was conceived to support patients in adopting, progressively and firmly, the appropriate lifestyle according to their health and physical conditions and the related class of risk. This patient profiling is done by the healthcare professionals (HPs, e.g. GPs, specialists, nurses, etc.) which create a digital ID of the patient.

Engineering played a key role in the development of the solution by taking care of the final user applications and of the overall architecture.

This project is co-funded by the European Space Agency under its Business Applications programme. Contract No. 4000133997/21/NL/AF (Space in response to COVID-19 outbreak).


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