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ICOSAF Human-Robot Cooperation for Factory 4.0

Human-Robot Cooperation for Factory 4.0

Through our research project, we are moving the digital factory towards a new model of flexibility and human-robot collaboration.

Approach & Solution



Production plant flexibility, scalability, modularity and the reconfigurability are now essential elements in adapting production processes for short product life cycles and their growing customization.

To meet such requirements, it is not enough to rely solely on specific technologies; they need to be integrated with manual human activity, which remains the most flexible company resource.

The ICOSAF project is based on a model in which human-factory interaction is integrated with leading-edge technologies and skills to ensure greater reconfigurability and cooperation.


The aim is to create a flexible and cooperative factory that meets its productivity needs.
In particular, we are:
  • Defining a distributed data management (edge vs. cloud) for monitoring product/process quality by processing data from diverse sources.
  • Facilitating digital services and related validation models.
  • Deploying cognitive analysis for the development of advanced HMIs.

The project is based on leading-edge technologies and skills in fields such as: human-robot collaboration, automated guided vehicles, distributed architecture for big data analytics, advanced HMIs and UX (user experience).

The project is funded with PON Research and Innovation 2014-2020 and FSC funds. (


Greater human-machine collaboration

Flexible and optimized production processes

Zero Defect Manufacturing and predictive maintenance

Improved product/process quality

Project value

Cost cutting
Process performance

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