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Chiesi Farmaceutici:
ICT outsourcing
for Pharma 4.0

We have supported processes digitization, optimization and securing of one leading group in the pharmaceutical sector.

Approach & Solution



Among the top 50 pharmaceutical companies in the world, Chiesi Farmaceutici has set the alignment of Information Systems as its main objective in its 2016-2020 ICT Strategic Plan, also considering it a business priority.

Engineering has supported the international group in expanding the business in the US and emerging markets, in developing new products and in the technological and application harmonization of information systems (ERP and ICT infrastructures).


With our skills and technologies we have offered Chiesi Farmaceutici a complete outsourcing solution.

We have supported the company in managing:
  • the helpdesk service, provided as a single point of contact
  • server and IT systems (hosting, housing, system operation and management, DBA) using our data centers at Pont-Saint-Martin (Aosta) and Turin for the disaster recovery service
  • Proactive monitoring of applications and infrastructure on a 24/7 basis
  • LAN network and security
  • WAN back-up line
  • SAP platform.


Harmonization of procedures for managing application portfolio

New models for conducting activities

Better management of support infrastructure

Project value

Process performance

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