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Innovation for Data Elaboration in Heritage Areas

A digital platform that integrates the most emerging technologies to enhance cultural sites and support their maintenance.

Approach & Solution



There are numerous organizational and financial difficulties in the management of historic and monumental sites, often not adequately evaluated.

The IDEHA - Innovation for Data Elaboration in Heritage Areas - research project was born precisely for this: an open and highly technological IT platform, able to support the maintenance processes of Italian cultural sites, providing interesting contents for tourism and reducing management costs.


The platform integrates digital contents from different sources - including information generated by users on social networks - aggregates and processes them using AI to create personalized services for different users (technicians, researchers, tourists, etc.).

Among the technologies adopted:
  • Digital Platforms: open platforms in the cloud, equipped with AR/VR, IoT, AI technologies.
  • AR-VR: for the virtual visualization of cultural sites (Engineering's focus on the project).
  • IoT: to collect data in real time via open source platforms (e.g. FIWARE, Orion Context Broker).
  • AI for Intelligent Apps: Computer Vision to understand the context and automatically provide the user with the necessary information.
  • Vision Intelligence and Machine Learning: automatically recognize objects, environments, scenarios and create descriptions.
  • Conversation frames to to make information-finding easier through voice, text, video, sound, behavior.

The project is funded with PON Research and Innovation 2014-2020 and FSC funds. .


Support for the maintenance of cultural sites

Improved experience for tourists

Lower costs related to content creation

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