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Digital Twin to innovate the production line

A simulation in a virtual environment to prevent critical situations and/or to find the production sequence that maximizes throughput.

Approach & Solution

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Lagor is a small-to-medium-sized Italian company, active in the Asti area, which has been manufacturing power transformers (PT Cores) since 1971.

Depending on product specifications, the production cycle of a transformer involves it being carried out through several work stations, using special platforms and conveyor belts. The products do not all follow a clockwise (or counterclockwise) direction, but their paths may intersect.

The simultaneous movement of many PT Cores, if not properly managed, can result in stalled situations on the line, causing substantial delays in delivery times. It is therefore advisable to be able to predict each movement so as to be more efficient and avoid blockages.


Using Digital Twin technology, we at Engineering have created a customized digital replica of the production line that manages to mimic the decision-making process of Lagor's production manager.

The tool, given the initial state of the line (location and stage of product processing), is able to simulate its progress by anticipating any blockages.

Any simulated criticality results in a warning signal returned to the production manager.


ex-ante, of critical situations

Testing of different production sequences to identify the best

Anticipation and reporting of any deviation of the system from the deisdered state

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