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ReLife Group chooses Engineering for its journey towards SAP S/4 Hana

Change management and process reviews: our new ERP to integrate ReLife's vertical solutions and homogenize processes within all its businesses.

Approach & Solution

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The ReLife Group, an Italian leader in circular economy dealing with waste recycling and reuse, currently consists of four business units (ReLife Recycling, ReLife Paper Mill, ReLife Paper Packaging, and ReLife Plastic Packaging).

After a careful selection among several System Integrators, ReLife chose Engineering for the implementation of a new Group ERP System, deemed indispensable not only for growth, but also for the optimized current and future management of the Group, which has ambitions for further expansion.

By adopting a Group ERP System, ReLife aims to improve its internal processes, adopting industry "best practices" and defining standardized business processes, which will allow it to increase its operational efficiency and effectiveness, as well as the governance of "compliance."


We will set up an SAP S/4Hana solution on premise, and the "Group ERP project" will have to be based on the following assumptions:
  • maintenance of vertical, industry-specific solutions, which will have to be interfaced with the new Group ERP application
  • use of the Group Global Template, on which the Gap Analysis will be structured, in order to identify BU-specific process deltas.

The project will be divided into two phases. The first one, which started in May 2022, will end in January 2023 with the first group company ReLife Recycling's and the parent company ReLife's live. This will be followed by the remaining companies' roll-outs with their live scheduled for April 2023. Engineering will also provide AMS SAP Application and SAP Basis/infrastructure service delivery for a minimum duration of 3 years.


Internal process implementation

Business process standardization

Increased operational efficiency and effectiveness

Group's first integrated information system

Project value

Process performance
Cost cutting

Project Team

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