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The value of data for infrastructure security

We implemented a solution to support security and safety management of the infrastructure network.

Approach & Solution



We supported one of the leading infrastructure operators to adopt an integrated application solution for the analysis of infrastructure operating conditions and monitoring. This event-driven platform allows to run what-if analyses and evaluate potential consequences on the population living near the infrastructure network in case of incidents.

Our team implemented a solution to carry out evaluations, display data in a comprehensive and intuitive way and enable scenario analysis and projections.


We developed a solution in partnership with TIBCO, in order to evaluate the consequences of the impacts on the population living close to the network, calculating the risk index in case of failure or incident in any point of the infrastructure.

This allows to analyze the potential impacts on the population through a visual analytics approach, with a granular view to simplify research and analysis of data and other results of interest. It also provides summary reports and intuitive dashboards.

Moreover, the solution supports the decision-making process concerning infrastructure interventions and modifications, by adhering to Digital Twin principles and allowing to:
  • estimate the review of network's asset values (pressure, load, stability, etc.), recalculating the impact risk on users with what-if analyses
  • simulate the real path of the infrastructure, recalculating the impact risk on the population
  • compare the real risk estimation scenarios with simulated ones.


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