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Industry 4.0: opportunities in the Aerospace industry

Industry 4.0: opportunities in the Aerospace industry

An innovative Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for automating fuselage assembly in the digital factory of an Aerospace Leader.

Approach & Solution



A European manufacturer of robots and solutions for industrial automation is the exclusive supplier of one of the world's leading aerospace and defense companies, an American multinational that designs, manufactures and sells planes, rotors, rockets, satellites and missiles. The fuselage assembly process of one of the most famous airliners in the world takes place in a system characterized by high integration, huge quantities of data and particular operating conditions for employees.


As Engineering we are engaged in a project that goes beyond industrial robotics; we provide technical capacity and specific skills on MES technologies and applications in order to meet business goals that aim to:

  • Data collection capacity.
  • Information on the production process.
  • Staff work environment (without automation it is a physically demanding process).

  • Time-to-market.
  • Potentially expensive re-machining.
  • Overall production costs.
  • Dependence on human operators.

We have developed an overall solution, including the supply of mobile components, designing and implementing:
  • Integration of the Siemens SIMATIC IT MES with Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) automation systems.
  • Integration testing.
  • Development of a dedicated web portal to reduce the costs of using the MES system and increase levels of data transparency.
  • Extended on-site system support.
  • User training and documentation.


Thanks to the completeness and global availability of our skills, we have combined the power of SIMATIC IT with the simplicity and usability of web-based programming, developing a solution that allows the customer to:
- Have an easy-to-use system able to perform complex logics.
- Have on-site consultants for implementation and testing.

The project is ongoing because the customer aims to achieve a complete automated and transparent production process.

Project Value

Cost cutting
Process performance

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AI & Advanced Analytics

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Siemens SIMATIC IT Production Suite Application Development - Custom Web Portal for Usability

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