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Using SAP, we renewed the internal systems and processes of a well-known company operating in the large telecommunication networks area, improving its performance.

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With over 4,000 employees worldwide, a large Italian company needed to renew its internal systems and processes, since in recent years it has begun to operate in very different fields: telecommunications networks, rail transport, energy, television networks, military telecommunications networks.
Through the implementation of SAP S/4 Hana and SAP Ariba, Engineering has unified the company's systems into a single evolved platform, improving the governance level of the different businesses. Furthermore, logical models for new contracts have been standardized and developed and an integrated solution for warehouse management has been defined. In this way it was possible to create an exportable company model at any time.


The Hana S/4 solution adopted by Engineering has introduced an integrated model, including functionalities related to Finance, Controlling, Supply Chain and Procurement domains, which the company has also exported to other related companies.
At the beginning of the project, a demo and an early test of critical processes (Pre-Testing Sprint) were organized to immediately highlight gaps and changes to be made to the systems, starting the project in the best way. During the project the Engineering team adopted the "Engile for SAP" methodology, developed by combining aspects and tools derived from the SAP "Activate", "Agile" and the more consolidated "Waterfall" methodology.


Real-time easier reporting

Less obsolescence due to increased stock rotation

Better control of margins and costs on contracts

Reduction in the payments of penalties on contracts

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Cost cutting

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