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Using SAP, we renewed the internal systems and processes of a well-known company operating in the large telecommunication networks area, improving its performance.

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Our customer is a large Italian company specialized in the design, creation and maintenance of telecommunication networks. A company with a well-established footprint, it has seen significant growth in recent years, with over 4,000 employees in Italy and throughout the world.
The company operates in the following sectors: railway transportation, energy, telecommunications, television networks and military telecommunication networks.

Our Engineering team supported the customer in overcoming a number of extremely important challenges for its business and, in general, in renewing its existing internal systems and processes through the implementation of SAP S/4 Hana and SAP Ariba.

In particular, we worked on:
  • The integration of processes and systems into a single platform, in order to improve the level of governance of the various businesses.
  • The standardization and development of logical models for new contracts.
  • The definition of an integrated warehouse management solution.
  • The definition of a company model that can be exported at any time.


Our S/4 Hana solution enabled the customer to introduce an integrated model encompassing many modules: Finance, Controlling, Supply Chain and Procurement, which were also exported to other associated companies.

During the course of the project, our experts adopted the Engile for SAP methodology, developed by combining aspects and tools derived from the SAP “Activate" and “Agile” methodologies, as well as the more consolidated “Waterfall” methodology.
Moreover, we set up a demo at the start of the project and an early test of critical processes (Pre-Testing Sprint), highlighting the gaps and the changes required to the customer's systems from the very start. This allowed us to start the project in the best possible way.


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