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A Digital Subway in Northern Europe

A Digital Subway in
Northern Europe

A Digital Twin to monitor one of the best driverless subways in the world.

Approach & Solution



With over 4000 employees and more than 30 offices, our client is a leading company in the production of systems and equipment for subway networks, railway lines and "smart transportation" systems worldwide.
Our Engineering team supported the company on an extremely significant project: the creation of a Digital Twin able to simulate the monitoring and supervision system of physical systems (SCADA - Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and the actual implementation of the SCADA system, for one of the best driverless subways in the world, located in Northern Europe.


This Digital Twin was applied to all the sub-systems involved in the monitoring and remote control of the subway, such as electrical substation switches, line disconnectors, and civil installations in stations, including moving staircases, elevators, air conditioning, lighting, fire protection systems, emergency tunnel ventilation SIL2, etc.

The main goals of the Digital Twin were:
1) Verification and validation of new software releases of the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system.
2) Verification and certification of training for operators, a group subject to high turnover.


Lower risk and management of emergency scenarios

Network infrastructure with 32 1GBit Layer2 switches

70 logic controllers for remote control

2 control rooms, manned 24/7

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