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NEXUS2030: tools for an evidence-informed policy development

Digital twin to support the Smart Landscape helping to improve its economic development, the efficient management of resources, the reduction of the ecological footprint.

Approach & Solution

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The emerging social and environmental challenges call for smarter public policies, capable of linking territorial needs and product/service innovations.

Policy choices guided by a biased view of the context risk to generate unexpected consequences. On a regional scale, in the medium to long term, inaccurate management of local development policies can generate consequences on health, environment and social system.

The increase in size and the diversity and complexity of data generated by the urban context require a paradigm shift in the way interdependencies between service infrastructures are studied, analysed and managed.
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Nexus 2030 project recognises in the complex nexus between environment, economy, society and technology, the key to understand sustainable territorial development, and provides technological and methodological tools for a Digital Twin capable of exploring the interdependencies existing between the components of the territorial system, modelling its dynamics.

The project enables participatory knowledge production processes to create an efficient link between science, society and policy makers allowing the members of society to play an active role in research, innovation and evidence-informed policy development.

Engineering is the co-ordinator of the project and develops the digital twin's tools.

The project has received funding from PO Puglia FESR 2014-2020-art. 17 del Regolamento del 30.09.2014 – Titolo II Capo 2


Data analysis and correlation tools and models

Activating and support new governance models

Creating participatory territorial knowledge

Planning and simulating actions in a conscious and planned manner

Supporting evidence-informed decision making processes

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Digital Twin

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