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SelfservIce Platform AR
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An innovative flexible and customizable self-service platform to create Augmented Reality Industry 4.0 applications.

Approach & Solution



In the current industrial context companies with production facilities which are geographically distributed are investing many resources for maintenance activities on production plants when a downtime occurs. To support such operations, Augmented Reality (AR) applications are frequently used. Several existing solutions lack of adaptability to changing business needs or need highly skilled personnel to define and modify AR application workflow.

In this context SIPARiO delivers a flexible and customizable SW solution, based on both open and proprietary frameworks, to implement AR apps on smart-glasses enabling remote assistance and high customizable execution tasks in industrial contexts.


The solution consists of a back-office to manage content and interactions, a backend to implement business logic to stream content and controls the access to the platform, a frontend app installed on smart glasses that allows on site workers to receive all the instructions and information.

SIPARiO will also implement an abstract model able to guarantee high customizable workflows using the same platform avoiding SW refactoring or specific development.
The SIPARiO solution was adopted by some partners in automotive and aerospace domains (e.g. Trimek, Unimetrik, etc.).
The Platform integrates several technical contributions from all the involved partners: Engineering, the coordinator and system integrator, CEFRIEL, the expert in AR technologies, and Innovalia, the leader of experimentations.

The project has received co-funding by EIT Digital in the Digital Industry Action Line for 2019. EIT Digital is supported by the EIT, a body of the European Union.


Increase of operator productivity

Decrease of human errors

Simplification of configuration tasks

Reduction of intervention time and machinery downtime

of specialized
personnel on site

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