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Cloud-based policies improve performance

Thanks to a unique Cloud platform, we have increased the number of policies registered by the agents of a leading insurance company. In less than two months and always guaranteeing a connection with the ANIA systems.

Approach & Solution



Our Client, a German insurance company is a specialist provider of insurance services with offices all over the world.

The goal of the Italian office was to increase the number of agents for the sale of car insurance policies. To manage growth it was therefore necessary for the target architecture to include an increase in the volume of data to be sent to ANIA, the Italian association mediating between insurance companies and the main political and administrative institutions. One of the problems to be addressed was a real lack of traceability of flows in transit, especially since data processing and interfaces could differ from one agent to another.

Our team adopted a comprehensive two-step approach to deliver the project and make it operational within 10 weeks after requirements were gathered. The collaboration with a leading consulting player was fundamental to cover all project areas and address potential problems effectively and on time.


The overall solution was implemented using the Dell Boomi product to build the business logic for online and batch interfacing. The infrastructure, entirely in cloud Azure, was provided and configured by D.HUB. The first flows started in production after only two months.

The solution ensures the link between ANIA systems and front-end tools for agents. There was no impact on the pre-existing agent systems and the system is designed to add any number of agents with the architecture that can be scaled at will.

Many of the processes have been automated with automatic resumption mechanisms in the event of a fault.


Performance deadlines met

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