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End-to-end processes for 2i Rete Gas

Managing 4.5 million redelivery points in a very efficient way: 2i Rete Gas can do it thanks to our technological and business competences.

Approach & Solution



Standardising the operating systems used to share information between the distributor and sales companies ensures greater flexibility and integrity of end-to-end processes. In order to achieve this objective, a leading player in the Italian natural gas distribution market, Enel Rete Gas (renamed 2i Rete Gas after the transfer of the Enel distribution networks) requested the assistance of Engineering.

The initiative resulted in the creation of a front-office system, along with the redevelopment of the existing system architecture to improve integration between front-office and back-office components and standardise the methods used for managing and monitoring processes.
The project allowed us to deploy both business and technological skills so as to optimise and transform the operator’s systems, enhancing their usability and administration.


The Engineering team used a business project management (BPM)/service-oriented architecture (SOA) methodological approach. This involved implementing a multichannel front-office system based on Java/Oracle/Tibco technology, thereby allowing commercial and service requests – such as activations, changes of ownership, switching requests, inspections and so on – to be uploaded and processed. For this, advanced channels were used, including portals, A2A (web services) and PECs. Thanks to the SOA architecture and services and the use of a BPM system tool, end-to-end oversight and monitoring of business processes is guaranteed. Our solution, which fits into the utilities (distribution) supply chain, incorporates a series of features, including:
  • display of the services catalogue for the sales companies
  • provision of multichannel access for traders
  • monitoring of network processes for real-time analysis of the status of requests.


Handling of 4.5 million PDRs

Management of 10,000 daily requests by the sales companies

Real-time indications of the progress status of commercial requests

Mitigation of the impacts of changes to the regulatory framework

Project value

Process performance

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