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Metropolitan City of Milan Safety Project

We protect citizens and the territory with innovative video surveillance systems.

Approach & Solution



The “Metropolitan City of Milan safety project” consists of a multi-year plan of interventions and activities entrusted to the Concessionaire (the Safety21 SpA and Municipia SpA group) following a European call for tenders.

Among the main objectives are the protection of the territory, the care of the environment and the fight against crimes such as the abandonment of waste, which too often occur in parking areas in the immediate vicinity of the road network.

Purpose to be achieved through modern tools, smart and IoT applications for road monitoring.


Installation of innovative video surveillance systems for parking areas, video cameras operating 24/7 with an "intelligent scene analysis" system that is activated in the presence of suspicious movements occurring in the parking area and records any infringements (for example 'abandonment of waste) by directly alerting the Local Police and providing videos of the abuse. The Project will lead to the installation of a hundred video surveillance systems on the road network controlled by the Metropolitan City of Milan.

Again with a view to protecting the environment, the Project also envisaged the installation of traffic monitoring devices - up to 60 systems - which will provide data and information useful for processing analyzes and planning interventions aimed at improving circulation, decongesting any areas of heavy traffic and contribute to the improvement of air quality.


Reduction of accidents

Protection of pedestrians and cyclists

Safeguard of the territory

Care of the environment

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