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Reliable data for definite decisions

Big Data for rail transportation

We are leveraging the full value of our clients’ data by integrating analytical tools that can help them reduce the risks associated with their most complex decisions.

Approach & Solution



Every day, our client has to manage thousands of kilometers of rails and thousands of stations while ensuring the efficiency, maintenance and security of its infrastructure.

This requires robust and reliable analytical tools. Engineering is therefore a valuable partner in this respect: thanks to our strong expertise in data management, we can provide our client with advanced business intelligence solutions.


We have implemented market-leading tools in the different vertical areas involved in the project (SAP Hana and BW on Hana, SAS, SAP Business Objects, Qlik Suite and others), in order to manage and monitor:
  • Railway infrastructure failures.
  • Investment costs.
  • Suppliers, supporting the procurement process.
  • The full set of economic and financial indicators.

With these tools, furthermore, we have not only respected strict KPIs for analyzing activities and processes, but we have also initiated the process of automatically generating, based on individual data items, the documents that feed into the our Client's balance sheet.


Rapid execution of previously manual tasks

Reliable data for analysing causes and issues

Effective decision-making tools

Effective reporting tools for the business divisions

Project value

Process performance

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