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A reliable and flexible system of digital payments for AMAP

With NET@PAY we support the collection and payment processes for the municipalities within the metropolitan city of Palermo, offering a flexible and secure solution that conforms with the AGID directive and PagoPA circuit.

Approach & Solution



The Azienda Municipalizzata Acquedotto di Palermo (AMAP) wanted to improve its management system, requesting a general improvement in safety, system availability and overall performance.

It also wanted to ensure compliance with the regulatory requirement of Agid's payment system (PagoPA Circuit) and intended to solve a specific critical issue related to accounting reconciliation activities, attempting to reduce the risks arising from the payment of partial and/or incorrect slips.


Through the use of the Net@PAY solution and thanks to our team, from the month of December 2020 AMAP has benefited from a fully cloud-based service that is flexible, scalable, and capable of adapting to the needs of customers in terms of both volumes managed and peak loads guaranteed. The solution ensures that the intermediation activity towards the PagoPA circuit is managed in an integrated and highly competitive manner, also from an economic point of view, minimising errors caused by manual activities and improving the overall collection process.

Today, even before execution of the payment, AMAP knows exactly what the payment time is (crediting of collections the day after the transaction), what the collection fees are, and what amount it must pay to the Creditor.

Since the early days of this year, roughly 150,000 bills have already been issued using the PagoPa circuit. The new process will allow for effective management of the large number of users, approximately 205,000 users managed for a total of 1.2 million inhabitants served.


Reduction of payment times

Guarantee of payment reconciliation

Reduction of errors

Management of payment notifications in real time

Project value

Process performance

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