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Smart Lighting in Sicily

Energetic optimization and reduction of CO2 emissions: Municipia projects to make public lighting smarter.

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Innovating cities to help lower their energy consumption, reduce pollution and free up economic resources, as well as providing the public and businesses with information and innovative services through mobile devices.
These are just some of the goals of the projects developed by Municipia for local authorities, which are now giving increasing importance to energy efficiency policies. This commitment requires the installation of a set of physical components and advanced software applications to receive, monitor and manage all information remotely.

In addition to building automation and construction safety, the scope of these projects includes improving the efficiency of street lighting, with a view to optimising costs and reducing energy waste.
Following a beta test performed in Francofonte (Sicily), the Smart Lighting project developed by Municipia now involves a group of Sicilian municipalities.


The aim of the project led by Municipia is to enable cities to use lighting only where and when necessary, thus reducing CO2 emissions and electricity costs. The system is connected and integrated with sensors and video cameras, which remotely detect, monitor and manage information received from the urban ecosystem, also with a view to improving local surveillance for the benefit of public safety.

Thanks to the savings made on energy consumption, the authorities are able to free up economic resources for additional services. And thanks to the software technologies, innovative services can be provided for interaction with the local area.


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