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Supporting companies: Bologna focuses on data analysis

With our platform we relate data from Infocamere, Employment Agency and administrations, enabling new services for businesses.

Approach & Solution



Bologna Municipality has invested in innovative technologies to support the companies on its territory.

The project consists of an interactive platform which brings together data from InfoCamera, the regional agency for work and the municipal administration, with a view to analysing it, and best managing the services provided by the companies and professionals operating on the territory of Bologna. The system produces an electronic dossier dedicated to each company on the territory of Bologna, which can be expanded with new databases.

The aim is, in a timely manner, to assess the economic evolution and impact of particular events, above all the Covid-19 pandemic, with a view to being able to respond appropriately and within the shortest possible time to Bologna-based companies.


The title of the project realised by Municipia is "Company Knowledge System" and it works using IT tools for integrating and correlating data (updated on a monthly basis), which make analysis possible.

The Dashboard also allows you to verify the geographical distribution of where companies are open/closed, and to classify them based on various KPI (for example type of activity, whether there are young or female companies, and their legal status).

Analysis of the business fabric of Bologna municipality provides a basis for preparing tenders and directing intervention. The Dashboard is also populated with information from the regional agency for work concerning requests and redundancy benefits, broken down by company type, with a view to assisting timely planning of coordinated support intervention.


Pinpointing potential beneficiaries for intervention

Providing support, preparing the ground for tenders, financial assistance and intervention

Enabling services for internal users within the municipality

Enabling services for companies

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