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Tidiness and cleanliness just a tool away on trains

Operational and administrative digitization of the cleaning and decorum service to ensure passenger satisfaction.

Approach & Solution



Every day, millions of passengers travel on the thousands of carriages. taking care of cleaning and tidiness is, first of all, a matter of hygiene, but also of image and perception of service quality.

Given the numbers and the relevance of this activity, one of the main Italian companies for the management of rail passenger transport chose Engineering help in attempt to make it more efficient and productive.


In detail our solution consisted:
  • in incorporating of the cleaning and tiding service into the production and maintenance cycle in order to reduce costs, optimize the availability of material, and increase safety and customer satisfaction
  • in digitizing of the administrative staff activities, such as: planning of activities, engagement of suppliers, reporting, inspections, generation of fees and penalties as well as analysis of the quality delivered and perceived
  • in digitizing of the work of operating personnel in order to optimize the collection of information directly in the field through the use of mobile devices
  • in the integration with Workforce Management solutions provided by third parties
  • in making the contractual rules accessible to business users, optimizing costs and reducing the time needed for completing new contracts.


Costs reduction

Optimized availability of material

Optimized collection of information directly in the field

Higher revenues for the public transport authority

Project Value


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