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ULSS6 Euganea: Engineering's ellipse for Digital Assistants in Intensive Care

With our solution we put Artificial Intelligence alongside the doctor in patient care.

Approach & Solution



The ULSS 6 Euganea is an avant-garde hospital at Italian and European level, made up of 7 hospitals distributed in the Province of Padova and serving more than 900,000 inhabitants in the area.

A real excellence, which relied on our technological solutions to further evolve its services. The hospital structure involved in the project was that of the Padova Sud Hospitals in Monselice area, equipped with specialized medical areas for different care intensities. Among these, intensive care, which requires continuous assistance, accurate monitoring and precise management of large amounts of data.

For us at Engineering this was the ideal context for the introduction of ICU-Medical Record, a specific module for the care-intensive area belonging to “ellipse”, our new platform, which, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, processes data from different sources and is able to provide medical personnel with useful "indications" to patient care.


ICU-Medical Record is a next-generation solution that supports health professionals providing an intuitive, complete and safe way for the diagnosis, planning and execution of therapeutic procedures. Thanks to the direct interconnection with bedside medical devices, the system allows all data to be processed in real time, so as to immediately alert personnel in case of emergency (even remotely via the app) and to suggest the most appropriate information for diagnosis and therapy.

Doctors and nurses in the care-intensive areas now have a real "digital assistant".

The evolution is continuous: with the progressive development of the AI ​​it will be possible to insert into ICU-MR new components that will allow to predict patients' conditions and needs (for example: further hospitalizations, connected pathologies or critical variations of vital signs, even before they occur).


Increased quality of healthcare for patients

Supporting daily work for professionals

Continuous acquisition and management of a large amount of data

3,300 therapies per day

Management of 60 patients admitted to the hospital every day

900 medical prescriptions every day

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