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A centralized CRM platform

Standardize customer relationship processes, simplifying and speeding up the production of sales forecasts. We did it for an international industrial group.

Approach & Solution



The industrial group, working in the automotive, aerospace, energy and consumer electronics markets, experienced a fast growth, that occurred also through acquisition processes and fostered a high degree of autonomy of the different branches.

The group highlighted the need to share client’s information with all the offices, especially with respect to global accounts, to redefine and generalize sales and support processes. The objective was to simplify, standardize, and accelerate the production of the business forecasts and finally to improve the management and qualifying activities of the leads by attending a number of international trade fairs.


Our consulting activity began by training the group’s Top Management on CRM and Marketing aspects in B2B contexts. We then carried out an assessment that allowed the group to identify the actions to carry out on the management levels (processes/human resources), to design the to-be application architecture and develop the business case.

Once the investment was approved, we supported the client in the activities of governance, change management and user adoption. Today the CRM Corporate Template that we implemented is used by the group’s branches to support the activities in the sales, marketing and customer care areas.


Standardized sales and support processes

Increased new clients with lower acquisition costs

Reduced time and costs for sales forecasts

Reduced average response times vs customers

Project value

Process performance

Project Team

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