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New technologies for process automation, digitalization and augmented reality are supporting the development of innovative information systems and their adaptation for the increasingly “smart” agricultural sector.

Approach & Solution



To make their internal processes more efficient, public bodies will need to adopt ever more modern and innovative tools. This was certainly the case for the Veneto Agency for Agricultural Payments (AVEPA), which was set up in response to changing regulations in the EU’s new 2014-2020 Common Agricultural Policy.

Drawing on our technical specialists’ expertise, Engineering responded to the Veneto Region’s innovation requirements by developing a new “Agriculture 4.0”-oriented IT system. In this “Sistema Informativo AGricoltura Veneto” (“Veneto Agricultural Information System”), we used digital transformation and process automation technologies to enable:
  • The full administration and payment of EU agricultural funds and other aid to the primary sector.
  • The management of the process stream, ranging from fund application collection and payments, to the drafting of tenders and the handling of controls.


With our IT system, we enable the Veneto Region to manage and develop new processes for:
  • Collecting and updating a farm’s business file.
  • Collecting applications for funding/aid and managing the whole process through to clearance and payment
  • Using satellite technologies from the Sentinel4PSR project to automate processes covered by the Rural Development Programme (RDP).
  • Utilising photographs, geo-referenced tracks and app-based augmented reality solutions to aid territorial verification in disputes over agricultural use.
  • Using biometric signatures in the procedures associated with the 1st and 2nd pillars of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).


More than 150,000 farms from 2014 to date

Over €1,7 billion of funding

More than 700,000 activities dealt with

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