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Cegid POS Solution

Omnichannel for the Retailers of the future.

Piattaforme digitali per le imprese

What is it?

POS (Point of Sale) are the cash systems that are widely known as they allow us to issue receipts and to record customer sales.

These systems also allow companies to manage:

  • Price lists and catalogues
  • Promotions and discounts
  • Replenishment and Consignment
  • Purchasing Invoice Matching
  • Inventory Tracking and Omnichannel Stock
  • Connection with Payment, Loyalty, Tax Refound systems.

They support companies in providinga a truly omni-channel shopping experience to clients, in a MultiBrand, Multi Language & Localization, Multi Currency, Multi Channel and Multi Store Structures (Branches, Franchisees, ...) context.

The "augmented" POS solution with the myClienteling developed by Engineering allows to make sales even more agile and mobile by creating a suspended receipt.

What does it do?

  • See the product before you buy it
  • Order an unavailable product
  • Know the status of the order
  • Pay quickly with your desired payment method
  • Easily trace a purchased product
  • Have a seamless online and offline shopping experience
  • Have a personalized purchase report
  • Meet an available, informed salesperson who listens to customer's needs.


  • Never lose a single sale thanks to the real-time availability of omnichannel stock
  • Update customers in real time on the status of their orders
  • Enable a truly omnichannel experience
  • Speed up checkout by increasing efficiency in store
  • Personalize the relationship with the customer
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention.