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National Telemedicine Platform

The national platform will allow for greater integration between regional health services, improving the quality and access to care for people across the entire national territory, in line with the objectives set out by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan in the Digital Health sector.

Approach & Solution



Engineering manages the design and implementation, in partnership with Almaviva, of the new National Platform for Telemedicine, the technological infrastructure that will govern the take-off of online healthcare services (Telehealth, Teleconsultation, Teleassistance, Telemonitoring, etc.).

The National Telemedicine Platform will be built with a strong orientation towards integration and interoperability, while at the same time maintaining a distinct independence, scalability and ease of integration with the current and future regional and national digital ecosystems involved.

The Platform will provide maximum interoperability with the central systems deployed at the national level, and which are planned for the digital transition process of services provided by the public administration.

The contract for the design, implementation and management of the new National Telemedicine Platform entrusted to Engineering was signed at the Ministry of Health, in the presence of Minister Orazio Schillaci.


The Platform will be implemented in full coherence with:
  • the "National indications for the provision of services in Telemedicine"
  • the "Methodological indications for the perimeter of PPP proposals for the National Telemedicine Platform"
  • the adoption of the "Guidelines for the implementation of the Electronic Health Record"
  • the "Telemedicine Platform and ESF Ecosystem: Points of Contact and Connection Between the Two Projects", a document prepared by the Ministry of Health, the Department for Digital Transformation and AGENAS
  • the approval of the organisational guidelines containing the "Digital Model for the Implementation of Home Care", for the purposes of achieving EU Milestone M6C1-4, as set out in the Annex to the ECOFIN Council implementing decision of 13 July 2021, approving the assessment of the plan for Italy's recovery and resilience
  • the "Guidelines for telemedicine services - Functional requirements and service levels"
  • the HL7/FHIR standard, extended as appropriate, for clinical information sharing
  • the ISO/IEEE 11073 SDC standard and the IHE profiles of the PCD domain, also introducing the HL7/FHIR parts, for technical integration with medical devices.


The main benefits of the National Telemedicine Platform will be:
  • to encourage local entities to adopt the best organisational and process-related practices regarding Telemedicine services
  • to enable to streamline and homogenise nomenclatures, taxonomies and coding at national level, linking all the solutions in use by the Regional Health Systems
  • to manage, in a coherent and timely manner, the organisational component to coordinate the variety of players involved in the various use cases.