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Blockchain is a game-changer in controlling phone fraud

How to use Blockchain technology to assist telecommunications operators in detecting and preventing fraud.


Improve security by strengthening fraud prevention while protecting the interests of consumers.


A specialized Blockchain platform for Telco operators monitors transactions in real-time, promptly detecting potential fraud.

Each transaction is securely recorded, ensuring its immutability. Operators can promptly address anomalies or irregular behavior. Decentralization allows every authorized member to contribute to identifying incorrect or suspicious transactions, eliminating the need for a central authority.

The effectiveness of this solution is further enhanced through reliable and collaborative integration of Blockchain-based implementations within a stakeholder ecosystem.


  • Blockchain technology offers the possibility of interconnecting telecommunications service providers, allowing them to monitor data and transactions on the network and validate call details in real-time.
  • Through the implementation of "Blockchain identity management", each telecommunications operator can establish the integrity of the caller's ID by comparing incoming calls on their network with those authenticated by the originating operators.

Expected Results

Greater control through synergy and interconnection

Enhancement of consumer experience

Optimization of operations through cost reduction

Simplified traceability thanks to transparent transactions


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