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EngGPT: our AI-driven assistant for your business

EngGPT, our advanced Large Language Model (LLM), is the basis for a wide range of natural language tasks, such as text generation, classification, synthesis, and translation.


Providing a versatile, customizable, and privacy-conscious solution for organizations looking to harness the power of advanced NLP in their specific domains.
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EngGPT stands as an advanced language model pivotal to our open-domain chatbot. It operates as the chatbot's engine, harnessing a suite of algorithms for constructing a language model through transfer learning techniques.

This training methodology empowers EngGPT to deliver outcomes on par with ChatGPT3.5, all while addressing privacy concerns associated with fine-tuning data.


Our model not only upholds conversational quality akin to ChatGPT but also offers the distinct benefit of incorporating proprietary, domain-specific data, safeguarding sensitive business information. The adaptability of EngGPT extends to a wide array of natural language processing tasks, encompassing text generation, classification, summarization, translation, sentiment analysis, and more.

You have the option to integrate EngGPT into your operations, whether as a virtual assistant, recommendation system, content generator, or other applications, providing you with a potent and customizable AI solution.

Expected Results

Empowering organizations to achieve the benefits of advanced NLP

Addressing privacy concerns to ensure confidentiality

Customization of generative AI on specific business domain


AI-Driven Value