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GNSS applications

How to improve navigation precision and safety with the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)


Ensure high-precision satellite system to support operations in navigation on the open sea and in port area navigation


Our solution supports tools and technologies to provide a highly accurate tracking system for rescue operations, continuous safety improvement, and automatic identification.

The project fits into the concept of e-Navigation developed by the IMO (International Maritime Organization) – that stands for "harmonised collection, integration, exchange, presentation, and analysis of maritime information - on board and ashore through electronic tools”.


Demonstration of the capabilities of the GALILEO system to meet the requirements specified in the IMO (International Maritime Organisation) regulations for the implementation of the World Wide Radio Navigation System (WWRNS) in the various port operations.

Study and prototype implementation of a centralised warning and alarm system for port operations.

Use of the signal AIS (Automatic Identification System) to transmit additional information that may be useful for optimising performance.

Expected Results

Improves decision-making

Enhances safety in areas within or near the port

Investigates the ESGs impacts of the benefits introduced by GNSS


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