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Multi-Cloud Marketplace for Telco

How to leverage Cloud Marketplace platform for telecommunications, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience.


Promote a sustainable digital economy and society by innovating new products, services, and business models within the telecommunications sector.


A complete Multi-Cloud Marketplace, based on our Cloudesire platform, is designed to be open for integration via APIs with external cloud management platforms, covering an end-to-end sales and management model.

This innovative solution introduces new approaches to purchasing and selling processes for telcos, enabling them to operate more swiftly and efficiently and facilitating timely project delivery and achievement of sales targets.


A dedicated Telco Marketplace provides an environment for selling cloud services (such as DataCenter and data security services) and products (such as e-commerce).

Through an open architecture and the use of standard APIs, the Telco Marketplace enables smooth integration of plugins into the ecosystem, combining the best available services in the market with the convenience of interacting with a single provider. This streamlines solution search and acquisition.

Moreover, by utilizing standard APIs, the Telco Marketplace provides partners and clients access to infrastructure platform data and functionalities, fostering greater interoperability and collaboration among stakeholders.

Expected Results

Expand services portfolio in a simple, secure and fast way

High availability and scalability (XaaS)

Streamline business processes

Enable a cloud-native model


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