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The 2021 edition of Assinter Academy is about to start

The 2021 edition of Assinter Academy is about to start

Engineering confirms the partnership with the multidisciplinary training initiative.

May 17 2021

Engineering is confirmed as one of the promoters of the Assinter Academy. Now in its eighth edition, the high-profile multidisciplinary training initiative for the management of ICT in the public sector, with a particular focus on digital health, is carried out in collaboration with major Italian universities and major ICT players.

The 2021 learning and training project for public management and ICT innovation management, was developed in line with the priorities identified by the PNRR and includes four training pillars:

  • Digitalization and innovation of the PA
  • Green revolution and environmental sustainability
  • eHealth
  • Management of IT companies in house.

The lessons will start on May 17 with an opening and in-depth lectio magistralis on the PNRR.

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