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Digital Risorgimento Operation: Cybersecurity

Digital Risorgimento Operation: Cybersecurity

Four lessons of the Master Class with the Cybertech specialists.

November 11 2020 - December 02 2020

In the new cycle of  Master Classes signed by Engineering for Digital Risorgimento Operation, the  Cybertech experts will illustrate the main issues related to Cybersecurity and how to protect yourself by blocking cyber threats in real time.

In the 4 lessons scheduled - 11/18/25 November and 2 December - will be illustrated:

  • The basic concepts, the main objectives and the current scenario of Cybersecurity

  • The state of the art of cyber attacks and the most appropriate countermeasures
  • How to build a correct Cybersecurity culture at a company level

  • How to protect yourself and block cyber threats in real time through a SOC service (Security Operation Center) 

See below the  agenda and the registration procedures


11 november, 2:30 pm - The ABC of Cybersecurity
Speaker: Pietro Minniti

18 november, 2:30 pm - Studying the enemy's moves 
Speaker: Pietro Minniti

25 november, 2:30 pm - The culture of Cybersecurity
Speaker: Stefano Aimonetti

2 december, 2:30 pm - How to respond and prevent
Speaker: Elio Di Sandro

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