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Cybersecurity protects your organization as it embraces Digital Transformation


Cybersecurity as an Enabling Technology

Cybersecurity protects and enables your organization as it embraces Digital Transformation, because It’s the organization and collection of technologies, skills, processes and structures used to protect Data, Applications and Infrastructures from unauthorized access, damage or attacks.

The exponential growth in the quantity and value of data (code, text, images, infographics, video, signals) is directly matched by the importance of adopting cybertechnologies, methodologies, skills and IT security (cyber threat intelligence) to protect company assets and the data itself from the risk of attacks.

Our Value Proposition

We provide IT security services in cases of applications, systems implemented and services managed through platforms and technologies that enable security operations to promptly detect cyber threats and rapidly deal with them.

Our Security Operation Center (SOC) operates through the constant selection of the best partners for globally recognized cyber solutions, applying best practices, methodologies and professional expertise in data and infrastructure protection.

Our portfolio of services is built from the constant interaction and evolution of these technological and human components, which work together to ensure the security of the ecosystem of managed IT services.

What we do

With our portfolio we offer solutions for: Compliance and Governance, Integration and Infrastructural Security Projects, Managed Services and Research and Development Activities.

We adopt policies and techniques to ensure the security of critical infrastructures throughout the lifecycle of the applications we develop and the systems we maintain.

We provide hosting services for 21,000 servers at our 4 data centers.

We take care of the IT security of over 10 petabytes of data.

We deal with the security of IT networks, systems and data for large organizations, both public and private, operating in global scenarios.


550 specialists

450 clients

4 Certified SOC (Tier IV, AGID, ISO27001/2013)

21K servers managed

10 petabytes of data secured

CYBERTECH: our specialized company in Cybersecurity Services