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New challenges for the Rail Transport sector

New challenges for the Rail Transport sector

Naples hosts the 5th edition of the international workshop ICT for Railways.

Napoli, September 12 - 13 2019

Engineering is Gold Sponsor of ICT for Railways, fifth edition of the event previously hosted in Prague, Milan, Birmingham and Brussels.

The digitalisation of railways is in progress and is going to have a strong impact on the structure and business of the railway sector. In the meantime, new challenges appear which should be tackled in order to avoid that railways miss important opportunities for innovation.

ICT for Railways will therefore be an opportunity to analyze and discuss upcoming IT challenges in the rail transport sector: Internet of Transportation Things, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence.

On September 13th Gerardo Ferraioli of Engineering will participate the panel dedicated to Artificial Intelligence with a speech entitled: "Real-time data acquisition for AI elaboration".

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