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Leveraging the European Open Source Ecosystem

Leveraging the European Open Source Ecosystem

Engineering and Knowage promotes OW2con, the Open Source community's online event.

June 23 - 24 2021

Engineering is sponsor of the online event OW2con, dedicated to the world of open source software.

Two speeches with Knowage in the agenda:

On Wednesday 23 at 11:30 AM CEST, “KNOWAGE 8 in Exclusive Preview” will be held by Davide Zerbetto, Knowage Architect.

The speech will show the main novelties brought by Knowage 8, such as the new rich pre-built components within cockpits, the expansion of the in-cloud offers and many new functions aiming to further enhance user experience. With this new release, Knowage strengthens its commitment within OW2 community to support companies and public administrations in facing these unprecedented uncertain times thanks to a better capability to visualize data, make forecasts and take data-driven decisions.

On Wednesday 23 at 3:00 PM CEST, “Big Data exploitation: real use cases of Knowage adoption in healthcare and energy market“ will be held by Marco Cortella, Knowage Consultant.

This speech will present two use cases that have been managed end-to-end, from data collection to the final use. The first use case illustrates how Knowage adoption helped public health authorities to create a homogeneous system of information and knowledge transfer across all the organization, allowing advanced and multi-dimensional analysis and the evaluation of company performances. The second use case concerns the energy market and energy consumption in buildings: the solution developed with Knowage provides real-time and periodic power consumption feedback, enabling data-driven decisions to save resources and money.

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