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Quantum Computing at the University of Campania

Quantum Computing at the University of Campania "Vanvitelli" in Caserta

Research and Innovation in the Field of Quantum Computing at the University "Vanvitelli".

Caserta, December 19 2023

Engineering, a renowned entrepreneurial entity in the Campania region and an international leader in cutting-edge research, is set to strengthen its partnership with the Department of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli". The company, already a key player in a previous collaboration, has contributed to the university's success by securing funding through the PON "Research and Innovation" program.

The funding was allocated to a fixed-term Researcher position dedicated to research and teaching activities in the field of Quantum Computing. This innovative project paved the way for the establishment of a Quantum Computing master's degree course in Physics and Data Science. Just two years since its inception, the course has garnered significant interest from students, resulting in numerous undergraduate and postgraduate theses on quantum computation.

Due to the project's success, Engineering is poised to share its expertise and activities in the field of Quantum Computing with the academic community. Dr. Giovanni Frattini, a PhD and Technical Manager at Engineering, will be a guest speaker to highlight the latest developments in the sector. The presentation will provide an overview of potential employment and research opportunities available in Campania and worldwide, opening new perspectives for students and researchers interested in the field of Quantum Computing.

The collaboration between Engineering and the University of Campania reaffirms itself as a successful example of synergy between the academic and entrepreneurial worlds, promoting innovation and growth in advanced research.

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