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Roundtable with Companies at Milano's Politecnico

Roundtable with Companies at Milano's Politecnico

Engineering at Politecnico di Milano's orientation event for computer engineering students.

Milano, December 13 - 20 2022

Engineering is actively involved in the orientation event organized by Politecnico di Milano, aimed at preparing students and recent graduates in Computer Engineering for entry into the professional world. The roundtable, part of the Career Service Award program, will provide a comprehensive overview of professional roles, technical skills, and soft skills necessary to tackle the challenges of Digital Transformation.

A notable speaker at the event is Saverio Ferraro, Executive Director of Advanced Enterprise Platform at Engineering, bringing a highly relevant curriculum to the discussion. Students will have the opportunity to directly hear from managers and company representatives, gaining insights into ongoing innovative projects and engaging with them during a Q&A session.

The event, conducted entirely in English, promises to offer an international perspective on the industry. Aligned with Engineering's commitment to supporting the professional growth of students, this initiative aims to inspire and guide the next generation of computer engineers towards a successful future.

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