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The DEMAND project

The DEMAND project

Engineering participates in the workshop for university students and freelancers, organized by the Order of Engineers of the Province of Palermo and sponsored by AEIT.

Palermo, January 16 2019

Diego Arnone, scientific responsible of the DEMAND project, of which Engineering is the leader, proposes a speech on "DEMAND: participation of electric users to balancing the network".

Funded in the field of System Research, the project proposes a signaling network architecture for user aggregation based on a completely peer-to-peer network infrastructure in which the user's energy management devices can communicate between of them and implement control logics taking into account the signals coming from other prosumer and from the Distribution System Operator (DSO) or from the electric market.

In addition to Engineering, the University of Palermo, the University of Salerno, Cupersafety and Algorab collaborate in the project.

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