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At Vinitaly 2018 Engineering brings the digital that increases the senses

At Vinitaly 2018 Engineering brings the digital that increases the senses

On April 16, from 14:00 to 15:30 at the Umbria Region Stand, tasting is enhanced by an all-round immersive experience.

Verona, April 15 2018

Wine has been present in the life of our peoples for thousands of years and its link with man touches many aspects: from the technique of vine cultivation to the processing of grapes and the authentic ritual of tasting. Very physical worlds and products requiring direct contact for intervening with a touch, for savoring with the senses. Yet it is precisely the digital evolution that today allows us to enrich this world by amplifying the experience of the senses.

At Vinitaly 2018 – at the Umbria Region stand – Engineering, leader in digital transformation, presents a preview of the Virtual Taste app, developed with the specific objective of accompanying every single bottle with the full history that makes it what it is, increasing and enriching the experience of sensory tasting.

Starting from the value that knowledge of the vineyards, cellars and rituals accompanying production offers in appreciating this very particular product, Engineering's Virtual Taste app aims to accompany the consumer along this path. The app is accessible through a 3D viewer – Samsung Gear VR to be precise – which allows you to view all-round immersive videos for exploring the territories and cellars of provenance of wine.

Wearing smart glasses, you can select the different environments and for each label access different videos which, simply by rotating and moving the head, offer an all-round discovery of the world that revolves around you. In this way, technology enhances sensorial knowledge, enriching wine tasting and knowledge by revealing the history and secrets of its places and protagonists.

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