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Engineering D.HUB presents its MultiCloud offering

Engineering D.HUB presents its MultiCloud offering

Proprietary and partner solutions together for a flexible "custom-made" cloud in continuous evolution.

Rome, April 18 2018

Engineering, leader in Digital Transformation, redesigns the traditional outsourced cloud offer to which the market is accustomed, proposing an entirely new formula in the name of bimodality, hybrid world and multicloud.

Since 2017, Engineering D.HUB, a company of the Engineering Group that has been managing outsourcing services for around 400 customers of the group for decades, has revolutionized its offer in line with its role as a partner for digital transformation, which goes far beyond the role of outsourcer.

The goal is simple but ambitious, because Engineering is working to optimize its more traditional services with those enabled by cloud platforms, in a renewed spirit of collaboration with cloud providers that have become an integral part of the supply chain, with a view to partnership rather than supply.

Engineering bases its business model on creating tangible value for the customer (business outcomes) through the combination of software and value-added services in a co-defining approach with the customer to business objectives. Today, the world of IT is concerned with designing innovative business scenarios, hiding their technological complexity from the customer and realizing them through the orchestration of services created with constantly evolving technologies and delivered from multiple platforms. It is precisely the sum of these elements that constitutes the ecosystem of Digital Platforms expressed in the new Engineering D.HUB offer.

In line with the multicloud approach, D.HUB aggregates the public cloud services of different providers, private clouds and on-premises infrastructures in the same environment, analyzing the best path of workload migration and facilitating the dynamic relocation of these to always obtain the best combination of cost, service level, security, and uptime and backup for each application.

In a world where the promise of Cloud Service Providers is to lower the costs and complexity of technology, the risk of lock-in and consequent huge costs of transformation for implementing alternatives to the services of a single supplier is now a reality. The use of a design and technological approach that favors multicloud and the flexibility of moving workloads to customers provide the necessary peace of mind in choices and investments.

According to the Cloud Observatory of the Polytechnic University of Milan, 10% of large companies in Italy are already experimenting with the multicloud approach, considered the only one that makes it possible today – in a market characterized by a multiplicity of platforms – to choose the best solution at all times. In the rest of the world, the need to contrast multiple cloud services (even for the same application) is now felt to be unavoidable: three-quarters of the 3,400 global companies interviewed in a survey by F5 Networks claim to rely on multiple providers simultaneously.

On its multicloud platform, Engineering integrates the public and hybrid cloud services of its partners such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Oracle and private cloud services, realized using different technologies, with traditional outsourcing services on on-premises infrastructures using the most varied technologies in order to offer the widest coverage of Mode1 and Mode2 IT models, as identified by Gartner.

"Engineering has the ability to coordinate cloud operators with different infrastructures and support the customer in managing a multicloud offer, thanks to high credibility, knowing better than anyone else the starting point of the transformation to the cloud," says Francesco Bonfiglio, CEO of Engineering D.HUB. "The cloud is not just a form of abstraction of physical infrastructure but rather a new paradigm where business is linked to the monetization of services that must therefore be increasingly efficient, scalable and economical. Given the multiplicity of options on the market, Engineering is the ideal partner for supporting companies in choosing and accelerating migration to the cloud, guaranteeing the continuity of existing business during the transition and maintaining a competitive and economic return over time, freeing them from binding market logics through the multicloud approach. With over 850 professionals, 21,000 managed servers, 4 proprietary data centers, 2 million tickets a year, 230 thousand workstations served and 10 PB of securely stored data for over 400 customers including banks, insurance companies, industry, energy and the public sector," concludes Bonfiglio, "D.HUB can certainly be considered a cornerstone of the digitization system. The competence of the most diverse technologies combined with consulting services makes the speed, effectiveness and reliability of our approach to digital transformation unique and distinctive with respect to the competition.

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