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Industry 4.0 Observatory of Politecnico di Milano: great growth of the sector, training still crucial.

Industry 4.0 Observatory of Politecnico di Milano: great growth of the sector, training still crucial.

Engineering leader for years in technological solutions but also in training 4.0 with the IT & Management School in Ferentino. At the event presenting the Observatory, Alfredo Belsito, stresses: "Training and Change Management are a priority".

Milan, June 21 2018

The Industry 4.0 market in Italy in 2017 grew to a value between 2.3 and 2.4 billion euro. 90% of this concerns Industrial IoT, Analytics and Cloud Manufacturing projects. Companies have significantly increased their knowledge and awareness about Industry 4.0 solutions and on average have already adopted 3.7 applications, especially IoT and Analytics. This is the encouraging picture that emerged from the 4th Industry 4.0 Observatory which, however, also captures the existence of a priority theme still to be tackled: training.

According to a survey conducted by the Industry 4.0 Observatory, 5 key competences emerge that are necessary for defining strategies, planning, managing and enabling Industry 4.0 processes and business models: lean manufacturing application for Industry 4.0, digital supply chain management, cybersecurity, smart maintenance and organization-work-man/machine relationship. Companies are starting to gear up to bridge the gap through staff training, but much remains to be done. Only 12% of respondents declared actively involving the HR function at all stages of the digitization process, compared with 30% in which HR participates in a limited way and 40% in which it is not involved or does not exist. In the remaining 18% of cases, those interviewed did not respond or found themselves in an evolving situation.

During presentation of the Observatory, Alfredo Belsito, General Manager of Engineering's Industry, Services and Infrastructure Department, stressed: “Training and Change Management are a priority. The development of technologies and processes imposes a relocation and revaluation of human capital. HR should not only be involved but should be central. For years Engineering has been committed to the development of new digital processes and has grasped this need well ahead of the field, so much so as to have given training a dedicated structured activity like our 'Enrico Della Valle' IT & Management School".

Headquartered in Ferentino, near Rome, Engineering's IT & Management School is one of the leading training organizations for Information Technology at national level. Initially created to respond to the in-house demand for managerial and technical training for those who are now the 10,500 employees of Engineering, the school was soon able to share the experience and know-how gained in the realization of hundreds of projects with the entire Italian industrial system – and not just customers. By 2009, the school was already supporting public and private organizations in all areas of ICT training, providing insights on aspects related to Project Management, technological platforms, IT Service Management (ITIL courses), software measurement techniques, development of managerial skills, soft skills and, in general, behavioral training.

Specifically, the courses offered develop several of the 9 areas identified by the National Industry 4.0 Plan. In addition to the Introduction to Digital Transformation course, which cuts across all areas, the following are planned: Introduction to Process Automation, 3D Printing and rapid prototyping, Augmented Reality in business processes, Scenarios and opportunities for the Digital Supply Chain, Introduction to Maintenance 4.0, Characteristics and potential of the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Cloud Security, Cybersecurity, Security of the Internet of Things, From Big Data to Smart Data, and Being Leader 4.0.

Always in step with the technologies and methods of today's 4.0 scenario, the 2018 training offer of Engineering's IT & Management School presents an entire educational area for Digital Transformation, which supports the specialization of its employees on these themes through a wide choice of courses ranging from "Innovation management", including workshops using the Lego® Serious Play® method, to "Impacts of digital transformation on business processes", which includes the use of new and social media, e-commerce and business scenarios with augmented reality. The training offer also touches on many elements of people management, including the management and enhancement of employees, and a focus on emotional intelligence as a key skill.

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